Faiz Ahmad to make biopic on Ramabai Ambedkar

Filmmaker Faiz Ahmad has decided to make a biopic on Ramabai Ambedkar, wife of B R Ambedkar, the architect of Indian Constitution.
The biopic titled “Babanchi Sawali” will be a “real tribute” to Ambedkar, whose 125th birth anniversary will be celebrated tomorrow, Ahmad told PTI.

“Making a biopic on Ramai (Ramabai) would be the real tribute to Babasaheb. Her contribution was incalculable in his making. She had all the virtues of being simple, intelligent and kind,” the director said.

Born on February 7, 1897, Ramai married Babasaheb at the age of 9, while Ambedkar had passed his matriculation exam.

“We intend to release this full-length commercial movie under the banner of ‘Shalini Films’ by December 6 this year, the death anniversary of Ambedkar,” he said.

“‘Babanchi Sawali’ will be (made) in two languages — Hindi and Marathi — and will be shot at her birth place in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, which is being declared as a historical place,” he added.

Film’s executive producer Sunil Sharma said, Ramai always encouraged and supported Ambedkar in pursuing higher studies because she shared his vision of attaining highest knowledge to fight for the rights of the depressed classes.

Ramai, who came to be known as Ramabai after marriage, died on May 27, 1935. She was also called ‘Mata Ramabai Ambedkar’ by her followers.

“Ramabai was illiterate at the time of her marriage but Babasaheb later taught her simple reading and writing. In terms of education, there was a lot of difference between the two but they loved and respected each other from the core of their hearts,” Sharma added.

“Ramabai ensured that nobody disturbed Ambedkar while he was studying or working. She cared for Ambedkar’s health and welfare by all means.

“She used to make cow-dung cakes and carry them on her head, to use them as cheap household fuel and helped Ambedkar obtain world’s highest academic degrees including Doctorate of Science in foreign countries,” Sharma said.

Source – Business Standard

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